Instructions & Material transfer

Material delivery

Delivering material via e-mail (file sizes up to 15 Mb), over an FTP or using the PixLoad service.

Using the PixLoad service

Via e-mail:

  • Transfer any material in files up to 15 Mb via e-mail to your contact person.
  • Your organisation may restrict the size of outgoing mail, in which case you should contact your own IT support. You can also transfer material using an FTP client or by mailing us a CD/DVD.

Using an FTP client:

  • Transfer any files larger than 15 Mb to the address using an FTP client.
  • You contact person will provide a user ID and password.
  • Compress the material (e.g. .zip or .sit), especially if you are transferring folders.
  • We suggest using FileZilla on a PC or a Mac (download FileZilla)
  • Transferring an entire folder / creating a new folder on the server is not possible due to data security.
  • Your organisation may prevent you from using an FTP client, in which case you should contact your own IT support or use e-mail or a dvd/cd to deliver the material.
  • The FTP transfer protocol for images is either binary or raw & passive transfer depending on the software. Remember that your own firewall settings may affect the success of the transfer.
  • Name your material as clearly as possible: e.g.
  • Once you have transferred the material to the FTP server, remember to always notify your contact person via e-mail of the names of your files and which order the material is connected to. This ensures the quick and correct delivery of your order.

On a DVD or CD / USB stick:

  • Messenger the material (Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm) or mail it to: PunaMusta PixMill Oy N.N. (your contact person in sales) Koivuhaantie 2 C 01510 Vantaa

You can always contact us regarding any questions you may have about the materials; the PunaMusta PixMill image processing experts are at your service. Call us at +358 10 230 7700!

Mac or PC material

  • Documents in a 1:1 ratio if possible, otherwise scale to 50%, 25%, etc.
  • If possible, convert fonts to lines (convert the texts) or attach a font file.
  • Link images in TIFF, EPS, PSD or JPG format
  • Image resolution is usually 100-150 dpi in a 1:1 ratio (large prints of several square metres should always be delivered case-specifically based on the printer, material, image and viewing distance of the finished product – request additional instructions from PunaMusta Pixmill, if necessary, do not increase resolution ‘artificially’ – that rarely improves the end result).
  • Note the effects of repeated JPG compression on image quality.
  • Based on image file ICC profiles, default CMYK (ISO Coated) and RGB (Adobe RGB 1998)
  • Logos and other scaled vector graphics, e.g. as pdf, .eps or .ai files (ensure that ALL fonts are converted into lines / converted and colours represented in Pantone/CMYK values).
  • Corel and Freehand materials are delivered in PDF format using press quality settings


  • We recommend determining colours using the CMYK format. If, however, you deliver them in RGB format, please remember to include the ICC profile. Please note: all RGB colours cannot be produced using CMYK colours.
  • If the colours have PMS, i.e. codes according to the Pantone matching system, include them.
  • Also deliver a paper or PDF proof.
  • We only accept colour print proofs produced on calibrated, professional grade printers.
  • We recommend using the colour management setting Europe Prepress 3 or Europe Prepress defaults in Adobe software.


It is usually best to deliver materials in their native format, because due to the extensive selection of printers, materials and finishes we are often forced to make changes required by the process to the files. Producing a precisely suitable PDF is quite challenging.

If a PDF file is the only option, the document should be in the right ratio without corner markings. Preferably, save the file in the PDF 1.3 version. This is the most reliable version in terms of our large format printers.

A so-called screen or preview/LowRes PDF version should also be delivered with the materials, if possible. Name the preview/layout PDF using ‘lowres’ or similar. The customer/orderer is responsible for the printability of PDF material.

Recommended software for transferring material

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign, a package created with the package function, including all links and fonts converted
  • CorelDraw (PC versions)

Delivering finished material

There are four delivery options for work printed by PunaMusta PixMill:

  • Pickup from PunaMusta Pixmill (Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm / as agreed)
  • Posti/Matkahuolto/Schenker express deliveries in Finland and TNT express abroad
  • Messenger service Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm (in the Helsinki region)
  • Installed by our installation department (as agreed)

Invoicing and delivery terms

Any complaints about the quality of the work must be made immediately when the fault is detected. Please also provide complaints in writing via e-mail, for example, or by using the complaints form.

  • Material processing 85 €/hour
  • Design 120 €/hour
  • Material inspection 21.25 €/order
  • Term of payment: invoicing 7 days net (corporate customers must cite their business ID)
  • Invoice fee: 10.00 € (VAT 0%)
  • Penalty interest: 16%, from the due date of the invoice
  • Invoice remainder period: 8 days
  • Packing and shipping costs are invoiced separately.

Prices and offers given over the phone are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes to the prices.

We apply the terms of delivery drafted by Graafinen teollisuus ry in our operations.


Electronic invoices Recipient:

PunaMusta PixMill Oy Business ID: 2158998-5

E-invoicing address: 003721589985 Operator: Maventa Ltd Operator ID: 003721291126 Bank ID: DABAFIHH

Sending invoices via e-mail

Sending invoices by post PunaMusta PixMill Oy 21589985 PO Box 100 80020 Kollektor Scan

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