PunaMusta PixMill’s code of ethics

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Sami PulkkinenBeing a good corporate citizen is an integral part of our business strategy, which is built on our values, people and code of conduct. We want to build a culture of openness, mutual trust and interaction with our most important stakeholders and make environmentally sustainable choices in our daily work.

For us, financial responsibility means growing the value of the company and continuously improving our business. The most important cornerstones of our social responsibility are our staff’s well-being, fair treatment and equality throughout their careers. We are also invested in promoting safety at work. With regard to environmental responsibility, we believe in actions. We have introduced a number of environmentally friendly techniques and practices, and we use materials and products that have as long a life cycle as possible. We make up for the climatic impact of the paper we use by investing a sum corresponding to our emissions in environmental conservation every year.

 Our code of ethics underpins our daily work both within our organisation and in our dealings with our stakeholders. We want to set an example and be a responsible employer, a reliable partner and a transparent operator in all our interactions by making choices that are based on our values. We also expect our partners to follow these principles in their business.

Sami Pulkkinen
PunaMusta PixMill Oy


Business principles

Our aim is for our service and expert organisation to work as a seamless team – both in-house and with our stakeholders. The principle we apply to our own business is that we at PunaMusta PixMill make our expertise, energy and know-how available to our colleagues and stakeholders. We focus firmly on reaching common goals instead of looking out for our own interests.


Well-being at work and building cooperation

We want our staff to have a positive attitude and respect for each other. Taking our colleagues into account and helping them with their daily work creates a motivating and safe atmosphere. It is important for us that every employee is treated fairly. Each of us also has the right to express an opinion and have a say regardless of age, gender, status, disability, religion, political views, sexual orientation or ethnicity. There can be no freedom without responsibility, which is why each of us must understand the significance and consequences of our actions and words both at work and in our private lives.

Our cooperation with our stakeholders is based on openness, honesty and trust. We want to build strong, long-term partnerships. We focus on finding solutions and providing cost-effective, high-quality services. We do not tolerate any kind of bullying, discrimination, bribery or corruption from each other or our partners.

“Unconditional trust is at the heart of everything we do


Reaching goals and sharing expertise

PunaMusta PixMill has a responsibility for its staff and the company’s success in the future. Our number one objective is to ensure that we do responsible and profitable business. Good corporate citizenship and financial success require that we meet our common goals and observe all applicable laws and regulations. They also require that we take care of our social responsibilities.

PunaMusta PixMill has a vast pool of know-how in our industry. One of our key strengths is the fact that our service and production chain is made up of our industry’s top experts. We also excel in sharing expertise both within our organisation and with our stakeholders.


Open communication

We at PunaMusta PixMill do everything we can to build a culture of open interaction. We report on our financial performance on the basis of harmonised, internationally recognised accounting and reporting principles and bookkeeping laws. Our staff’s personal information as well as our customers’ data and business secrets are confidential and processed in accordance with data protection laws and regulations.


Efficient teamwork

Success requires teamwork based on common values. Every PunaMusta PixMill employee has a clear role, identity, responsibilities and job description. Responsibility and sustainable development are integral to PunaMusta PixMill’s values and business culture. In practice, this means that we take responsibility for our work and look after our environment.

In order to promote efficient teamwork, we have

  • built an organisation that supports the work of every employee,
  • set clear, understandable and measurable goals,
  • created an atmosphere that encourages openness in all our interactions,
  • agreed that we all follow the same rules, and
  • committed ourselves to evaluating our business to ensure continuous improvement.


Safety and cleanliness at work

It is important for us to keep our workplace neat and tidy. A safe, clean and well-organised working environment promotes well-being at work and prevents accidents. Cleanliness and tidiness are also crucial for indoor air quality. Clean indoor air is especially important for our staff’s health but also to the productivity of our printing presses and printers as well as print quality. That is why we have invested in the design and ergonomics of our production facilities and workstations and in keeping our workplace clean and tidy. In practice, this means that, in addition to having a tidy and attractive working environment, our tools and equipment as well as waste have designated places, all corridors and exits are unobstructed and well signposted, and the way we use and store our supplies works well logistically.

“A clean and tidy working environment increases our staff’s well-being”


Cooperation with third parties

Customers are PunaMusta PixMill’s most important stakeholders next to our staff. Our customers and other stakeholders expect our service and production organisation to be knowledgeable, always ready to serve and able to solve problems and do everything reliably and at the right time. PunaMusta PixMill is committed to finding solutions, honesty and reliability. We do everything we can to understand and eliminate our customers’ risks. We are passionate about coming up with unique, state-of-the-art solutions that benefit all parties.

PunaMusta PixMill’s customer strategy is built on Activeness, Customer-centricity and Expertise. For us, activeness means taking a proactive approach. By listening to customers and finding out their needs, we can build bold and innovative solutions.

We at PunaMusta PixMill have the top experts of our industry. Thanks to efficient machinery and finely tuned processes, we can ensure that our products and services are of high quality and benefit our customers.

We have set tangible and easily measurable goals for our cooperation with third parties and deadlines for meeting them:

  • Providing a high-quality customer experience
  • Generating value for customers
  • Deepening our understanding of customers
  • Strengthening customer relationships and increasing their life cycle
  • Ensuring the quality of our products

“We deliver what we promise”


Environmental responsibility

PunaMusta PixMill is one of Finland’s largest industrial printing houses. High production volumes come with a big responsibility for reducing the harmful environmental impacts of printing.

For us, sustainability means making environmentally friendly choices in our daily work. PunaMusta PixMill has long been striving to use techniques and materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We also try to choose materials and products that have as long a life as possible.

Industrial printing techniques and materials are continuously evolving. We have chosen to work with suppliers who are committed to following the principles of sustainable development and to offer our customers materials and solutions that either carry official environmental certification or have otherwise proven to have long life cycles.

PunaMusta PixMill only uses certified paper, and we have calculated our carbon dioxide emissions from both production and transport. We make up for the climatic impact of the paper we use by investing a sum corresponding to our emissions in environmental conservation every year. The whole amount is given to measures aimed at environmental conservation, such as education and planting trees.

We continue to work on reducing our environmental impact. In the future, we want to adopt more and more efficient recycling practices. We will increase the use of bio-based and recycled printing materials in our production and continuously study new ways to collect, recycle and dispose of bio-based printing materials as efficiently as possible.

  1. We use environmentally friendly packaging materials
  2. We give priority to Finnish packaging solutions – transport causes emissions
  3. We use the right size of packaging for our products
  4. We aim to use 100% biodegradable or recyclable packaging materials
  5. We get the packaging right the first time

“Sustainability in all our choices every day is a key part of our values and code of conduct”


Observing the code of ethics

PunaMusta PixMill’s code of ethics applies to everything we do and guides our daily work. We have made sure that every PunaMusta PixMill employee has read and understood the code and agreed to observe it in everything they do. We value honesty and following common rules. That is why we have agreed that any violations of the code will be dealt with immediately. The primary responsibility lies with managers, but anyone who notices a violation of the code must take action.