‘What I like most about my job is the variety: no two days are alike. I especially enjoy participating in the design, brainstorming and innovation of an entire trade fair stand – and seeing the process through all the way to installation and stand erection. I am easily inspired, and I can already visualise the entire stand when the customer provides their first sketch.’


Fairs and events

Fairs and events are for showcasing design and creative thinking. Trying to figure out this complicated puzzle is made a lot easier if as many elements as possible – walls, floors, decals, wallpapers, tables and roll-ups – are supplied by the same supplier. We can do that. One further advantage of PunaMusta PixMill is that installation is also included in our service.

In the design phase, we provide assistance in using the most suitable materials, observing visitor traffic directions and guidance, the correct viewing heights, and even the effect of the next-door stand on your design. These skills have convinced our many customers. On occasion, even the occupants of the stand next door have been drawn by PunaMusta PixMill’s excellent print quality.


  • Fabric and board walls
  • Custom-cut characters and signs 
  • Printed carpets / logo carpets and floor decals
  • Roll-up/pop-up walls 
  • Counters and tabletops 

Print quality and reliable deliveries speak for us

How is PunaMusta PixMill different from other fair and event material suppliers? The answer is print quality, security of supply and instant reaction.  Process management is key in producing large events. However, rushing to finish everything on time is sometimes inevitable. This is when PunaMusta PixMill production outdoes itself. 

Print quality is evident in big large format prints, in particular, because they reveal true skills in precision and careful seaming. Our unwavering quality is, indeed, behind many of our long-term customer relationships.

The right choice of material

We produce dozens of types of screens on a wide variety of fabric materials as well as decal options using various printing technologies. The customer does not need in-depth knowledge of the materials, they only need to tell us what they need.

Our experts assist in selecting the most functional material, taking into account hanging options, transportation requirements, and which material will yield the most impressive end result. The further use of materials – easy erection and dismantling as well as the wear and tear caused by repacking and dismantling again – is considered so that the product’s life cycle is long, when needed.

Delivering materials conveniently via PixLoad

Our PixLoad service is ideal for large trade fair and event organising entities. It is a convenient material transfer channel that is easy to use. Our production department has direct access to the materials, and our system delivers real-time information on the progress of the order to the contact person.  This ensures that the process is always on schedule.

Other methods of delivering material are also possible, if our customers prefer them. Here, too, we aim for flexible service. 

Installations carried out throughout Finland

Even though most of our customers are based in the Helsinki, Lahti and Tampere area, we also serve many national chain stores and operators. This is why our own installers and our installer network can serve you wherever you are. 

For us, functional logistics means that we will conduct several installation visits to customers during the same trip. This lowers installation costs for the customer as well.

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