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Outdoor advertising

At PunaMusta PixMill, outdoor advertising means both large volumes of posters and versatile prints for major events.

We provide giant banners, signage, printed fabrics, custom-cut promotional decorations and various screens for summer festivals; buildings under renovation are covered in a beautiful fabric. Store window decals and car decals are also part of our outdoor advertising range.

We design the products together with the customer all the way to the hanging options. Sometimes we need to produce premium products and sometimes budget solutions – and we can do both.


  • Posters
  • Giant banners
  • Signage
  • Beach and traditional flags
  • Building facade advertising

Excellent processes yield outdoor advertising prints on a large scale

Major events need a partner that is ready to step into some big shoes.

PunaMusta PixMill is an experienced partner for major events. There are no events too big for us in Finland, because we have invested in our machinery, which enables printing on a large scale.

It’s all about experience and carefully crafted production processes.

Our contact manager makes product-specific work orders, prepress performs the inspection of materials, and production managers ensure that the work is monitored in real time. Finally, the packaging department ships the finished products and the logistics and installation network makes sure that everything arrives and is installed on time.

Smart material choices = durable outdoor advertising products

The customer does not need to know which materials they need, they only need to tell us what the material is for.

Our experts assist in selecting the most functional material, taking into account hanging options, transportation requirements, and which material will yield the most impressive end result.

Our finishing options include different varnishes, laminating, sealing or even LED lights embedded into large banners.

The further use of materials – easy assembly and dismantling as well as the wear and tear caused by repacking and dismantling again – is considered so that the product’s life cycle is long, when needed, and the products are implemented cost-efficiently from the start.

Delivering materials conveniently via PixLoad

Be it an individual large banner or a mammoth excel sheet for a major event, our PixLoad service will transfer the material to us conveniently.

Once the material is uploaded into the PixLoad material transfer service, our production has immediate access to it. Your contact person can view the progress of your order in our system in real time – which means that your contact person can always provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Other methods of delivering material are also possible, if our customers prefer them. Here, too, we aim for flexible service.

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