”When you’re excited about your work, it spills into your time off: I feel materials in stores, observe how products are displayed and stop in front of shop windows. Project budgets are increasingly calculated and schedules tighter, but we are able to keep up our speed, because we know our customers. We have such a long history with some, that we hardly even need to speak to know what is expected of us.”


Store and space solutions

We can’t walk past a shop window without thinking about how to make it even more enticing or what about it inspires us. We keep our eyes peeled and look for inspiration all over the world so that we can provide our customers with functional store facilities and innovative space solutions from shelves to product stands, and from pop-up stores to a look for an entire shopping centre.  


  • Custom-cut decals and decorations 
  • Viscom and foam boards
  • Printed canvas art
  • Window decals 
  • Product tables and stands

Display is key – you can count on us for help

The look of the store and the display of in-store advertising play a significant role in the consumer’s purchase decision. Most consumers make their purchasing decision only after they have arrived in the store, and it is here that promotional materials act as incentives and encouragement.

We are not merely a printer to many of our customers, but a design partner. We help in coming up with ideas for enticing displays and selecting the right materials for each brand.

The customer’s needs may be summed up briefly: background wall, platform and impressive display pillars for the products. PunaMusta PixMill takes this and runs with it.

The prepress expert double checks the measurements and drafts a structural plan; the person managing the account designs the most cost-efficient implementation method and the most functional materials with our experts. The design also considers the cost-efficiency of the further use of the materials for the customer, and that setting up the promotional stand, for example, can be done without installers.

Deliveries to chain stores throughout Finland

Many of our customers operate throughout Finland and need store products in numerous locations all over the country.

This is where our experience in the field and reliability are a great asset. When a customer is able to purchase the entire store or event package, from structural design to installation, from one supplier, there will be no scheduling issues.

Our customers praise us for the quick deliveries that many of our competitors can’t offer. Every week, our production facilities ship out large deliveries all over Finland – and abroad when needed.  Local stores are also provided with installation instructions with their deliveries.

The right choice of material is part of the brand message

Different materials are required for hardware stores, cosmetics companies and pharmacies. We strive to observe the characteristics and requirements of different brands when selecting and recommending materials. 

The customer does not need to know which exact materials they need, they only need to tell us what the material is for. Our experts assist in selecting the most functional material, taking into account hanging options, transportation requirements, and which material will yield the most impressive end result. 

Our finishing options include different varnishes, laminating, sealing or even embedded LED lights. 

The further use of materials – easy assembly and dismantling as well as the wear and tear caused by repacking and dismantling again – is considered so that the product’s life cycle is long, when needed, and the products are implemented cost-efficiently from the start.

Delivering materials conveniently via PixLoad

Whether you need an individual Viscom board at the end of a shelf or an entire promotional stand with elements, our PixLoad service is a convenient way of transferring the material to us. Once the material is uploaded into the PixLoad material transfer service, our production has immediate access to it. Your contact person can view the progress of your order in our system in real time – which means that your contact person can always provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Other methods of delivering material are also possible, if our customers prefer them. Here, too, we aim for flexible service. 

Installations carried out throughout Finland

Even though most of our customers are based in the Helsinki, Lahti and Tampere region, our installers and our installer network can serve you anywhere in Finland.  We perform the necessary inspection measurements and ensure that all the different factors affecting installation have been considered well in advance. 

For us, functional logistics means that we will conduct several installation visits to customers during the same trip. This lowers installation costs for the customer as well.

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